Songs and videos about the state we’re in

Jeff Holman is a Twin Cities based songwriter and videographer. 

As a songwriter, he is also known as Gilley Gray. He works in a wide range of genres, writing songs about everything from threats to our food supply (“Salmonella Blues") to those who would endanger our youth (“My Little Man," "Father McCoy.)

As for video, he produces a regular videoblog, “How’s that again,” commenting on a wide variety of subjects, from schools to crime to consumer concerns.


Jeff Holman was born in San Francisco, but has lived in Minnesota since age four. He grew up in Minneapolis and its suburbs, graduated from high school in Roseville, MN, and went on to study journalism at the University of Minnesota.

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Member of the Minnesota Songwriters Association

Jeff Holman is a member of MAS (Minnesota Association of Songwriters). MAS celebrates the art of creating original music by combining arts, education and community outreach. You can check out their website at:

Listen to the songs on SoundCloud

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Happy Retirement - A film by Jeff Holman

Retirement is only the start of something better, they say, an exciting new beginning. How could it not be -- when you're at the end of your rope?