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Happy Retirement - A film by Jeff Holman

Retirement is only the start of something better, they say, an exciting new beginning. How could it not be -- when you're at the end of your rope?

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A Christian Education: A Memoir

I was a very religious kid. I read the Bible every night. But there were some things I couldn't figure out. Like evolution and dinosaurs. And who God would be sending to hell. That mattered, since any day there could be a nuclear attack, and we'd all end up in one place or the other.

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Genevieve: Remembering World War II

During the second World War, more than half of all American men under 50 were called to serve in the armed forces. As U.S. factories geared up to provide the tanks, airplanes and ships that would help to win the war, women did the jobs men had left behind. One of them was Genevieve Goodnough, who left her home in Bagley, Minnesota to work as a welder in a Portland defense plant.

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Searching for my mother: A memoir

I remember my father, walking back to the car where I waited outside the hospital. "Your mother's dead, son," he said.

In the years that followed, I would find others to fill the empty space my mother had left. One of them was my high school teacher. In one turbulent year, she taught me more than a 15-year-old boy should know.

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The cure for crime? Rogers and Hammerstein

If we want to stop crime, Broadway showtunes may be our best hope. So whistle a happy tune, and climb every mountain.

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